Welcome to AKRAM DESIGN,

In these pages, we are excited to present to you our range of exterior menu display cases.

Created by the designer Mahmoud Akram, this elegant range has a contemporary feel that fits to any need. Thanks to the modular design, our displays can be personalised to suit any establishment, from classic to modern.

Constructed in the Paris area, our products, intended for outside use, are functional, durable and attractive: Available in stainless steel or brass to avoid rusting, all of our cabinets are engineered to be fully waterproof and a balanced weight distribution makes for perfect stability. The displays can be easily read by customers thanks to an inclined presentation.

Our products have a proven track record, with both standard designs and made-to-measure versions already being chosen by some of the most prestigious establishments who are concerned with communication and presentation as well as being conscious of the need to capture the attention and the importance of first impressions made with potential clients.
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