Since their creation in 1921 by Edmond Langrade, the " Ateliers Langrade " are specialized in embossing the metal. René Langrade then inherits the company in 1965. In 1981, he passed the torch to Guy Langrade, his grandson who was decided to keep the family tradition. Became the " Société des Etablissements AKRAM & LANGRADE " in 2014 after a merger with AKRAM DESIGN, the company is now managed by Massoud AKRAM, designer. Over the years, he has managed to maintain the artisanal character of the company, offering its customers an exceptional quality of service. Located in Montreuil, the SEAL enjoys an ideal graographic location, close the A3 and A86 highways.


Embossing the metal

   The " Ateliers Langrade " are specialized in manual embossing. Because they have chosen to keep the artisanal tradition, the company disposes of precise and quality materiel and expertise. SEAL can manufacture any metal piece (all alloy) with a thcikness from 0.5 to 2mm. Thanks to the precision of manufacturing (up to the one-tenth of mm), all the pieces can be used in many areas such as lighting, industry, goldsmithing or aeronautics.

Our references

  • Lighting : Jean Perzel.
  • Miroiterie : Miroirs Brot.
  • Basbatin of gold-diggerbass (pan) : Ateliers la Trouvaille.
  • Urban furniture : J.C. Decaux.
  • Sieve : Chopin.


Entourage of bistro table

   SEAL is one of the only companies to manufacture entourage of bistro table for all diameters from 500 to 1 200 mm as well as on-demande frames, available in stainless steel, steel, zinc, brass and red copper. With our leading position in the sector, we can also provide complete pedestal table with wooden, laminate, marble top, ... and cast-iron base. It is also possible to customize by photo or logo transfer on wooden tray or laminate.

Our references

The greatest cafes in Paris call the SEAL :
  • The Fouquet's,
  • The Flore,
  • The Paris,
  • Etc.